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If you would like to use a State and Use Tax Resale Certificate to purchase, without being charged tax, an artwork in your state or from a Dealer who has nexus with your state, please fill in the next two fields and immediately email a PDF file of your properly completed, signed and dated certificate form to [email protected]. Once FAE has received your tax form, FAE will program the site to accept your tax number. Check your FAE tax status in Settings.


If you choose to create an Artwork or Saved Search Alert, you will be alerted via the email address you used to create your account. Through some mobile providers, we can also send Text alerts. If you would like to receive text alerts check the “Send Mobile Alerts” box, fill in your mobile number, choose a provider and save. By clicking on the “Test Mobile Message” link, you will be sent a text message to confirm that the provider you chose is the correct one. You will also have to try an alert to be sure they are sending properly. If you did not receive an alert, please contact [email protected] and let us know.

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