FAE Seller-Dealer Agreement

What is FineArtEstates.com?

FineArtEstates.com (FAE) is an innovative web-based fine art marketplace designed for FAE approved art dealers to sell works of art from artists’ estates and art collections, quickly and efficiently, while providing an unprecedented level of transparency for both the Seller and the Buyer.

Method of Selling:

The Serrace® Sales System

FAE is the first fine art marketplace to use the Serrace Sales System. With Serrace’s published-timed-discount schedule, the price of each artwork is reduced automatically until it is sold or exceeds its reserve. Up to seven Serrace-generated discount price levels appear on each artwork’s detail page, establishing the exact date, time, and amount of future price reductions. Serrace’s unparalleled level of transparency provides every buyer with equal access to pricing information throughout the entire sales process.

Serrace also allows artworks to be "reserved" by a Buyer at any available price level. By placing a "reserve" on an artwork, the Buyer is guaranteed purchase at that specific date, time, and price unless another Buyer purchases or reserves it a higher price level.

What types of artwork may be sold on FAE?

FAE sells only original paintings, sculpture, drawings, fine prints, and photographs that are of good quality and in good condition. Most all genres of Fine Art are acceptable. Artwork must be either:

  • Secondary market
  • Produced early in an Artist’s career
  • Remain in Artist’s hands after he or she is no longer actively working
  • Part of an Artist’s estate
Dealer selection:

Marketing works of art on FAE is by invitation only. FAE selects professional art dealers, who possess expertise and integrity, with at least ten years of business experience. FAE’s business plan is to establish relationships with at least one art dealer in every midsized city and at least two art dealers in every major metropolitan area. Before joining, dealers must commit to FAE’s business model and operating procedures.

If you are a qualified art dealer interested in selling through FAE, please send inquiries to . Please include a link to your website.