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A New, Safe and Transparent Way to Market Artists' Estates and Fine Art Collections

What is

FAE is a web-based fine art marketplace designed to sell artists' estates and private or corporate collections in a quick, yet prudent manner by providing both buyer and seller unprecedented transparency into the sales process. FAE provides transparency for the buyer because our unique, timed schedule of discounting is published on the website. This provides all buyers access to the same information and allows them enough time to make thoughtful, unhurried purchases. FAE makes the process transparent for sellers with continuous online access to the status of all the works they have consigned for sale on the FAE site.

FAE offers only original paintings, sculpture, drawings, fine prints, and photographs, which are placed on the FAE site by a national network of professional art dealers who have been granted access because of their experience, expertise and integrity, and who select artwork based on quality and condition.

Who is FAE Designed for?

FAE is designed for the professional art buyer, as we provide the tools and resources necessary for interior designers, art advisors, or architects to find and track art for multiple clients or projects. Our site is also designed to easily handle the sale of an entire artist estate or corporate collection. Because works of this type are fresh to the market, FAE is followed by collectors and dealers worldwide. Even though FAE was designed for professional use, it was carefully designed to be accessible to anyone looking to acquire a quality work of art.

Special Apps and Unique Tools Designed for the Professional Art Buyer

What is Serrace®?

The most innovative aspect of the FAE website is the Serrace Sales System. Instead of using the fixed price method, or the auction sales model - where prices start at the lowest acceptable selling price and are bid up within a brief time frame - Serrace takes an entirely new approach.

The Serrace Sales System places each artwork online at its full retail price, holds it there for a prescribed period of time to maximize the number of interested parties, and then, on a published schedule, systematically reduces its price until the artwork sells, or is about to drop below its lowest acceptable price. This way, each artwork placed on FAE receives maximum exposure at its highest price first, avoiding the risk of any artwork immediately selling at its reserve, which often occurs in a traditional auction.

To keep the system as transparent and democratic as possible, up to seven price drops of the Serrace discount schedule are published so all potential buyers have equal access to the same pricing information. This approach allows buyers to make thoughtful purchase decisions, but, by waiting too long, buyers could risk losing the artwork to someone else.

FAE's Approach

Large estates and collections are not uploaded to the FAE site all at once, as some estate sale and auction sites do. They are campaigned in a thoughtfully planned manner. Each FAE Dealer, in concert with each Seller, carefully develops a customized marketing strategy using their experience and the Serrace Sales System to maximize the monetization of each artwork.

Special FAE Features

►See It in Your Room

To make buying from the site easier, FAE has developed two unique applications: one for the iPhone or iPad, and the second incorporated into the FAE site. Each app, using its own printable target, facilitates the creation of a View. A View is the result of merging the photograph of a room with an artwork image from ArtTracker—the FAE favorites list. In each View, the chosen artwork will appear superimposed over the target in proper scale and perspective to the room. Any View can be saved and shared with clients and other interested parties.

►Mobile App

By placing an FAE Live View Target on the wall where an artwork is desired, the FAE iPhone and iPad app allows the user to select an artwork from ArtTracker, hold the device so the user can see the target in the view screen, and instantly see the artwork superimposed over the target on the screen in proper scale and perspective from most anywhere in the room. The combined image can be captured and uploaded to the My Views area of the FAE website, or shared.

►Desktop App

The desktop app uses JPEG format images of rooms with an FAE Rooms Target placed where an artwork is desired to facilitate the creation of editable Views. These room images can easily be added to the My Rooms area of the site using the Add a Room uploader. From there, the images can be used to create editable Views in the My Views section of the site. There, the user is able to adjust the artwork's perspective and brightness level, as well as the brightness level of the room image if necessary. A simple frame can also be placed around the artwork image and its color changed by selecting from a pop-up palette. If the image is taken with an iPhone or iPad, the FAE app will allow the user to seamlessly capture and name the room image, assign it to a Project, and handle the upload process directly to the FAE site.

Saved Searches and Artwork Alerts

On the Browse Art page of the site, the user can create a complex personalized search using FAE's Guided Search feature. If an initial search does not provide the desired artwork, the user is able to name and save the search, assign it to a Project, and schedule an alert to automatically rerun the search periodically. The user will be informed via email and by text when new works that meet the saved search criteria have been added to the FAE site. For instance, by setting and saving an Alert on a named search, a user who is interested in still life paintings created in France between 1800 and 1900 will be contacted when new works of that description are added to the FAE site.

Multiple alerts can be set for each artwork on the site. By clicking on the alarm clock icon beneath each artwork thumbnail, one or more alerts can be activated that will let the user know via email and by text when a work is about to drop in price, if another user places a Reserve on a work, or if a work has reached its final Serrace price level.

The FAE Money Back Guarantee

FAE offers a seven-day, money back guarantee, which provides comfort and assurance to prospective buyers who may have reservations about purchasing artwork online. As long as the buyer informs the Dealer of their intention to return the artwork within 7 days of receipt, and it has been returned to the Dealer in its original condition within 14 days of receipt, FAE will refund the buyer's payment less a small restocking fee, in accordance with the FAE User Agreement.

Documenting Artists & Their Work

A fundamental FAE concept is to make the information we gather on the artists and the artwork available for research well into the future. The artist detail page contains relevant information about that artist and his/ her career, including biographical overviews, exhibition catalogues, newspaper articles, photographs and other ephemera.

Through our Dealer network, FAE is creating partnerships with university special collections and museum archives to be sure this information is never lost. If requested by an artist, or their heirs, FAE Dealers will help facilitate the donation of their papers to an appropriate art history archive.

►Professional Artists

FAE provides the most logical solution for professional artists, or their heirs, to sell the artwork they have accumulated during their artistic careers in a thoughtful and efficient manner. They can take comfort in knowing that their artwork, rather than sitting in storage, is being promoted and sold worldwide. Long after the artwork in an estate is sold through FAE, images of each artwork and the artist's biographical information remain on the FAE website, creating an online archive that's available to everyone.

FAE is not a venue for contemporary artists to sell their recent works. Most artwork on the FAE site is produced early in an artist's career, is inventory remaining after an artist has retired, is from an artist's estate, or secondary market works. All artworks are vetted by FAE sanctioned Dealers based on its perceived salability, quality and condition.

►Private Collectors

The creators of FAE have the utmost respect for individual collectors who have spent years assembling a body of artwork that reflects their personal interests and points of view. To honor these individuals, and to properly market what they have assembled, FAE has added a special section to the website where works, that are part of a collection, can be seen together with related documentation about each collector's history and philosophy. All consignors to the FAE site are provided access to a personal dashboard so they can easily track the status of all artworks they are responsible for, consigned or otherwise.

►Foundations and Corporations

FAE's built-in transparency, ease of tracking, and automatic status updates provide confidence to museums, foundations, publically held corporations and those handling the disbursement of estates, that they are meeting their fiduciary responsibilities when selling the artwork in their care. With the Serrace method of selling, responsible parties can be assured that when an artwork sells on FAE it sold for its true value, verified by the fact that the longer an artwork is published on the site, the more exposure it receives.

FAE has made buying and selling fine art as easy and as transparent as possible.
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