What is FineArtEstates.com?

Artist Estate, Inc. DBA FineArtEstates.com (FAE) is an innovative, web-based marketplace specializing in fine art from artists' estates and private and public collections. Facilitated by a national network of professional art dealers, FAE delivers advanced tools and apps, plus a unique, published-timed-discounting schedule that allows all users equal access to the same price information.

FAE takes the pressure out of buying art by providing an unprecedented level of transparency for both the Buyer and the Seller. The website's modern design and thoughtful interface makes it simple and easy for the active professional, as well as the occasional art collector, to acquire a quality work of art at the absolute fairest price.

Who is FAE Designed for?

FAE is designed for professional art buyers to facilitate working with clients, offering tools and resources to find, track, and acquire works of art for multiple projects. It is also an excellent resource for both the avid and the occasional art collector, bringing a wide range of secondary and estate artworks to market. FAE can handle the sale of a single artwork or an entire private or corporate art collection. It is engineered to utilize the efficiency of the web and the expertise of highly experienced art dealers to make fine art accessible to everyone.

How is FAE different?

FAE advances a new concept for selling fine art online by utilizing the Serrace® Sales System, a published-timed-discounting schedule that automatically reduces the price of each artwork until it is sold or is about to fall below its "reserve" (lowest acceptable price). Up to seven Serrace-generated discount levels, listed below each starting price, establish the exact date, time, and amount of future price drops. Serrace grants every Buyer equal access to pricing information, providing unparalleled transparency throughout the entire sales process.

Special FAE Features:


FAE created "Project" to establish relationships between various elements of the website. Each Project carries a user-defined name or title that creates associations between selected works of art in ArtTracker; selected "Rooms" in My Rooms; selected "Views" in My Views; and selected "Saved Searches" in "Guided Search." FAE provides a Project Dashboard for users to monitor and edit their Projects.


(A Room Image + an artwork image = a View)

FAE defines a View as the merging of a jpeg image of a room, which incorporates an FAE "Rooms Target," with an artwork from ArtTracker, the FAE favorites list.

FAE has taken the guesswork out of buying artworks online by incorporating two special apps to provide a virtual image of the artwork installed on a wall of the user's home or office, in proper scale and perspective.

  • The FAE Desktop App allows a JPEG of a room that incorporates a leveled FAE Rooms Target (taken with any leveled digital camera) to be uploaded to My Rooms. From there it can be named, assigned to multiple Projects, and used to create Views on FAE's My Views page. Once the room and artwork images are combined in My Views, they can be edited, allowing users to:
    • adjust the artwork's perspective
    • adjust brightness levels
    • frame the artwork; selecting its color from a pop-up palette
    • create a new Project and assign it to the View or assign it to an existing Project
    • name or rename the View
  • By pulling images of rooms that incorporate a Rooms Target directly from an iPhone's or iPad's camera roll, FAE's IOS Mobile App not only streamlines the upload process, it allows users to name and assign the image to a Project before it is uploaded to My Rooms.

    By taping an FAE "Live View Target" to a wall and selecting the app's "Live View" option on an iPhone or iPad, users can see an artwork from ArtTracker floating over the target in proper scale and perspective in real time. The created View can be captured, named, instantly shared, and uploaded directly to My Views.

Saved Searches and Artwork Alerts:

Personalized artwork searches:

FAE's Guided Search allows users to:

  • create a highly specific search
  • assign the search to one or more projects
  • set an alert to rerun the search on schedule,
  • save the search
  • edit the search

Even if a search is so specific that no artworks in Browse Art match it, by setting an active alert, the search will rerun automatically, contacting users when matching artworks appear on the website.

Setting Multiple Alerts for any active artwork:

The alarm clock icon button, located below any active artwork thumbnail image, allows users to set one or more alerts. Users will be contacted by email, and optionally, by phone text when the artwork is:

  • About to drop in price
  • Reserved
  • In its final Serrace price level
  • Sold


FAE's Collections page highlights and consolidates artworks that were assembled by an individual, corporation, foundation or museum. Here, buyers will find a biography about the collector(s) and information about the collection, along with related PDFs of catalogues, essays, and published articles.

Documenting Artists and Their Work:

When representing an artist's estate, FAE's Art Dealers produce a biography, using primary source material. If requested, the Art Dealer will make recommendations and provide assistance placing this important documentation into an appropriate institutional archive to ensure its preservation and future accessibility for scholars.

The FAE a Money Back Guarantee:

FAE provides every purchaser with a seven-day Money Back Guarantee that refunds the purchase price, less a restocking fee. This is subject to the terms and conditions of the FAE User Agreement.