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Listing No: 10413

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Yukio Fukazawa (1924-2017)
Titled in Japanese
Date of Work:
"Y. Fukazawa" at lower right with artists's blind stamp at lower right
Where Produced:

Artwork Medium

Fine Print
Sub Type:
Mixed Technique
on Paper
Medium Notes:
multiple intaglio media with color including etching, aquatint, mezzotint, and soft ground.


Edition Number:
Edition Size:

Artwork Size & Weight

14.25 x 19 in. (Paper Size)
19.75 x 26.5 in. (Plate Size )

Artwork Condition

Good: Areas of foxing seen in paper margins (see images) Raking light on Verso shows paper sheet is not flat but no creases other than plate mark. Upper left and lower right paper corners slightly dented

Artwork Provenance

Hiroo Nakahara
Directly from the Hiroo Nakahara collection.

About this Piece

Yukio Fukazawa was a lauded Japanese print maker who is revered for his lyrical and mysterious Intaglio prints. He is known for his skill and fearlessness in combining many intaglio techniques, with both copper plate engraving and etching, in unorthodox ways. He was born in Yamanashi prefecture in Japan but went to grade school on Korea where he and Hiroo Nakahara, the owner of this print, became good friends.

Although Fukazawa graduated from the Tokyo Art University, in the field of intaglio printmaking for which he is best known, he was essentially self-taught.

In 1963, he was invited by the Mexican Government to teach copper plate etching and engraving at universities across Mexico. It was at this time he reconnected with Hiroo Nakahara who helped Fukazawa create a market for his work in the United States.

When Fukazawa returned to Japan, he was elected head of the Japan Print Association and held that post from 1991 to 1994. Fukazawa passed away in 2017.

Fukazawa's technical ability and mastery of the various intaglio techniques is evident in this print.

About the Artist

Fukazawa was a Japanese print-maker who turned to copper etchings because of a knee injury suffered during WWII. During his long, successful career, Fukazawa greatly influenced the art of Japanese print making through both his art and the many positions he held high in the echelons of the Japanese art world, including his appointment as President of the Japan Prints Association in 1990.

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