"Is that Jazz?" Series #1 1985-1990 #77 Quanta: "Rite of Spring Totem Dance"

Listing No: 10638

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
David McCullough (1945-)
"Is that Jazz?" Series #1 1985-1990 #77 Quanta: "Rite of Spring Totem Dance"
Date of Work:
signed "David McCullough '90" at lower right, signed "David W. McCullough" on verso

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
Medium Notes:
acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, plastic tape, and mixed media collage

Artwork Size & Weight

31.25 x 31.5 in. (Paper Size)

Artwork Condition

recto: good condition; paper fraying and slight nick at lower left edge; small pinhole in each corner verso: dark staining at bottom and lower right edge; repaired lower right corner; overall brown discoloration; adhesive from tape on recto has created darker discoloration; stable minor foxing; evidence of previous hinges at upper left and right

Artwork Provenance

Directly from the Artist

About this Piece

#77 - Quanta:"Rite of Spring Totem Dance" This totem dance collage is aligned with a sacred Aboriginal symbol I found carved in a rock in the middle of a canyon. I painted in many canyons near campsites in the McConnell mountain range outside of Alice Springs. I painted many of the huge eucalyptus trees in these canyons. I marveled at their size and limbs that resembled human forms.
The totemic cut out shapes were created by drawing them with the scissors to the music, much like Matisse did but in the context of nature field references, ocean creatures, and plant life spirit energy forms . The various music recorded instruments are being celebrated in this "collaging process" as a 'Rite of Spring' and the pure joy of feeling an aliveness of creating from the spirit of nature in the Australian outback.

About the Artist

David W. McCullough - Quantum Artist Statement

For fifty years my paintings, sculpture, and works on paper have been concerned with capturing nature's light energy, color, and geological crystalline Geomancy. Since the early 1980's I have consciously been developing a quantum coherent aesthetic based on my field trips and studio work.

My quantum art aesthetic is multi - disciplinary. It consists mainly of nature field research and originating creative innovative uses for all mediums in conjunction with studies of the disciplines of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Crystallography, Geology, Physics, Bio - physics, Mythology, and music, art, and poetry. I began in 1970 making art in my Dallas studio which also afforded me access to the National Park system in the Southwest, mid - west, and Southern states surrounding Texas. I have concentrated my watercolor field trips on the 'Four Corners' region that includes Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. They are my 'outback studio' outposts where I can paint watercolor, draw, and photograph, nature's holistic systems, Her psyche, and entrain with its geological crystalline Geomancy.

This field research is always assisted by recorded music and is the foundation stone of all my abstracted quantum art studio compositions. The field artworks captured essence of natural phenomena in the parks and at Native American rock painted sites assists me in maintaining an integrity to these places and its potential transference to all mediums and processes. I have also traveled to Kakadu and Grampean national parks in Australia to study them and paint at their Aboriginal rock painting sites. The Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, art and music, as well as the Native American mythology, and ethnological studies of their cultural operating systems has greatly informed the quantum potential of the use of imagery, coloration, rhythms, and Alchemy in my artworks.

The onsite watercolor painting experiences ground my quantum aesthetic and give it a mystical, universal, and naturalistic quality. They also have given me many insights into how to create an optical chemistry in the paintings that changes in the light and reflects their transcendental nature essences.

Musicians from all idioms and instrumentation throughout the world have contributed to the flow of spiritual energy that drives the processing of quantum aesthetic realizations which stimulate my creative activity. Their music resonates in the watercolor coloration and its rhythmical sensuality and lyrical poesis.

This has resulted in a Gaia poesis that represents nature's harm0onic complexity and its geological geometric ordering systems throughout the mineral kingdom and plant world. The poetic audio visual fusion of artistic expression, nature's psyche, and the emotional of musicians' imaginative insights are all woven together into a what I call, "sonic expressionism." These sonic rhythmical patterns and geometric ordering relationships animate the audio visual entanglement of conscious intentions and quantum coherence systematically into a harmonic entrainment process.

Animating words to metaphoric delight, like "collaging" is to take ordinary aesthetic learned processes like collage and turn it into a quantum - way processing juggernaut. Simply put quantum art is about being affected by a creative energy flow of pure awareness that allows our being to process consciousness in the moment so we can respond to the adventure of discovering new possibilities to making lively spirit filled artworks.

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