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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
An Furuta (1915-)
stamped at lower right and signed on verso
Where Produced:
Japan, Japanese
Framed - Float

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
on Canvas

Artwork Size & Weight

16.25 x 21 in.
Outer Dimensions:

Artwork Condition

In very good condition. No evidence of any problems with this painting.

Artwork Provenance

Samuel B. Cantey IV Estate, Fort worth

About this Piece

This painting comes from the Samuel Cantey Estate. Cantey was a well established banker who was very involved with the Fort Worth art scene in the late 40's through the 1960's. He was on the board of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and he amassed a very large and eclectic art collection.

About the Artist

An Furuta was born in Oita Pref., Kyushu, Japan in 1915. At age 16, he started to study oriental painting in Kyoto. In 1934, he went to Tokyo to continue his studies at Kawabata Fine Arts School, but quickly returned to Kyoto to study under two masters, Sakakibara Shiho and Murakami Kagaku.

From 1936, he took two years off from his studies as a painter to work on his mental and spiritual discipline by joining a Shinto Monastery. He left the Monastery in 1939 to continue his art training in Kyoto.

He had his first one person exhibition of his paintings in 1943 in Kyoto and was severely criticized for being too radical in his approach to his work. Shortly after this show, he was conscripted into the Japanese army and served mostly in China.

In 54, over the next four years, he became an active participant in the Japans post war art movement and exhibited annually with other artists who were opposed to the Japanese government's sponsorship of a specific group of artists.

In 1958, he established the Tekkei Kai Art Group in Osaka that was created to promote independent spirit in art. He exhibited annually with this group through the mid-60's.

From 1961 to 66, he exhibited widely in Japan, and had shows in the United States, Germany and Mexico. He had a one man show at the Kyoto Municipal Art Museum in 1964 and in 65, he was selected to participate in the Tokyo Internationale Biennial.

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