Blaine's Fallen Bloom

Listing No: 7830

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Valley House Gallery

Dallas, TX

Valley House Gallery

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Bob Stuth-Wade (1953-)
Blaine's Fallen Bloom
Date of Work:
"Bob Stuth-Wade" at upper right
Where Produced:
Dublin, Texas, TX, USA
Framed - Trap

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
Egg Tempera
on Paper

Artwork Size & Weight

16 x 12 in.
Outer Dimensions:

Artwork Condition

Very Good. No signs of cracking or paint loss.

Artwork Provenance

Dorothy and Mat Garland Collection
The Artist Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden Dorothy and Mat Garland

About this Piece

For Bob Stuth-Wade, who is primarily a landscape painter, the still life and figure paintings he does is a way to reset his thought processes before going back to explore the landscape. His work is representational in nature but it is always tinged with a psychological underpinning that makes him far more than just a traditional landscape painter.

Bob was a child prodigy who knew he was always going to be a painter. He had his first show at age 17 at a noted Dallas Gallery and sold out the entire show in 30 minutes. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Bob is always trying and mastering new painting materials and techniques.

About the Artist

Bob Stuth-Wade talks about himself...

As an energetic child I was encouraged to paint and draw to keep me out of my parents' hair. To their surprise I showed an aptitude for it. My father found a teacher capable of corralling me long enough to learn a little. I grew in ability and as a teenager was introduced to Perry Nichols, a highly skilled painter and gifted teacher. Mr. Nichols took me under his wing and taught me fundamentals of traditional oil and tempera painting.

My first one-man show was in 1970 at the age of 17. The show consisted primarily of tempera paintings and was a sell out. I continued to paint in a traditional manner until 1972 when I stayed briefly in California. There were so many horrible imitation Wyeth's and I just couldn't paint in that way anymore. The next ten to fifteen years were spent experimenting with modern styles and techniques. I used to go to the museum and see the "Rothko's" and "Gottlieb's" and had no idea what they were about. After studying and painting for several years I finally understood. It was wonderful! Like being able to speak another language. So much more to enjoy and do! After several shows and a thorough grounding in modern art I came full circle back to realism. I recovered my traditional technique and began painting in a style similar to the one Perry Nichols had taught me. The years of abstract painting show in the compositions and sometimes in choice of subject matter. I am aware and appreciative of the liberating influences of the art of the last century, but am rooted in the technical skills that were often neglected during that period.

I find it a wonderful balance being able to play and to flow with precision, enjoying Rembrandt and Rauschenberg. After all they are both part of our artistic heritage and part of our tradition and I am a traditional painter.

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