Blue Vase

Listing No: 3178

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Valley House Gallery

Dallas, TX

Valley House Gallery

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Please have the item listing number on hand when you call. This artwork's listing number is: 3178

Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Alice Neel (1900-1984)
Blue Vase
Date of Work:
signed "Neel '81" at lower right
Matted and Framed with Glazing

Artwork Medium

Fine Print
Sub Type:
Serigraphy (Silkscreen)
on Paper

Artwork Size & Weight

37 x 23 in. (Sight Size)
Outer Dimensions:
50 x 37.5 in. (Frame Outer Dimension)
Size Notes:
Has not been removed from frame so paper size (margins) is not know. Please take into account outer dimensions of frame.

Artwork Condition

Have not seen this print out of the frame but it appears to be in excellent condition. The frame was made by a quality frame shop known for their museum framing. 24 FPS

Artwork Provenance

From the J.C. Penny Collection.

About this Piece

Alice Neel is known primarily as a painter of people. Her portraits are stylized and easily identifiable. The works are less about capturing an exact likeness and are more psychological in nature.

Although known for her portraits, she would occasionally explore other subjects like this large still life Silkscreen.

About the Artist

Alice Neel was born in Merion Square, Pennsylvannia and graduated from the Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College of Art) in 1925. After briefly living in Cuba, Neel settled in New York City and became a member of the Works Progress Administration. Between 1935 to 1943, Neel worked in the Easel Division of the Federal Art Project. Despite the rise of Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s and 1960s, Neel continued to develop her portrait paintings of regular people. Her subjects ranged from family members to strangers she encountered on the street. While depicting her sitters, Neel sought to reveal their "psychological truths."

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    Lithograph on Paper
    38 x 27 in. (Sight Size)
    Listing no. 3179
    NOW: $7,500.00
  • 1979
    edition: 9/75
    Mixed-Media on Paper
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  • 1981
    Serigraphy (Silkscreen) on Paper
    37 x 23 in. (Sight Size)
    Listing no. 3178
    NOW: $7,500.00
  • 1983
    Lithograph on Paper
    38 x 27 in. (Sight Size)
    Listing no. 3179
    NOW: $7,500.00

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