Love Field Newsstand

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Andy Hanson (1932-2008)
Love Field Newsstand
Date of Work:
November 22, 1963
Alternate Title:
Late Edition
Not signed.
Where Produced:
Dallas, Texas, USA

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
Gelatin Silver
on Photo Paper
Medium Notes:
This print was produced in the darkroom from the original negative on double weight fiber-base paper with archival processing techniques.


Number Available:
Edition Notes:
Open Edition. The negative was retired from fine art reproduction in 2014. This is the last copy available from the estate of Andy Hanson.

Artwork Size & Weight

10 x 10 in. (Sight Size)
Outer Dimensions:
11 x 14 in.
Size Notes:
This is a loose, unmounted photograph. It is well suited for a 20x16 inch presentation mat/frame.

Artwork Surface

Surface Reflectivity:
Even - Gloss

Artwork Condition


Artwork Provenance

This modern print was printed by Andy Reisberg from the original negative by Andy Hanson. It was authorized and approved by Andy Hanson for gallery exhibition and sales during his lifetime. Upon his death, his estate allowed the remaining inventory of prints to be sold by Photographic Archives Gallery. The original negative is now in the collections of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas and the Museum holds the copyright.

About this Piece

Andy Hanson was 27 years old in 1960 when he was hired by the Dallas Times Herald as lab manager of their newly formed photography department, the same year Kennedy and Johnson campaigned in Dallas and Ft. Worth. He rode in the press vehicle as an unofficial photographer during many of the campaign stops, and captured events surrounding the assassination as a personal pursuit. Iconic images such as this were never published by the newspaper

This image appears on page 139 in "The President Has Been Shot", James L Swanson, Scholastic Press, NY, 2013.

About the Artist

Andy Hanson was best known as a noted and well-liked society photographer for The Dallas Times Herald who chronicled stage and screen stars, entertainers, musicians, politicians and national celebrities, as well as daily life in Dallas for over four decades.

Ever-present at society functions and news worthy events, his trademark was his 35mm Leica range finder camera, perched on a chest tripod that allowed him to juggle a hand-held flash with homemade bounce card and a notepad for taking names.


"I like to walk a lot. I like to ride with somebody else driving, it’s great. I like to be a passenger so I can see more. When I drive, I go the back ways. I don’t like to get on the freeways – I never know where to get off. The other day I was driving a guy to Mesquite. He said, “Turn right here.” I said, “Who’s driving? Whose car is this?” So we went the back way and saw some things he’d never seen before. When you get on the freeway you can’t see anything. There’s nothing to see anyway."

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