Untitled (House by the Sea)

Listing No: 2993

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Please have the item listing number on hand when you call. This artwork's listing number is: 2993

Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
G. Charpentier
Untitled (House by the Sea)
Date of Work:
"G. Charpentier/76" at lower left
Where Produced:
France, French
Framed - Trap

Artwork Medium

on Canvas

Artwork Size & Weight

10.25 x 16 in.
Outer Dimensions:
13.75 x 19.75 in. (Frame Outer Dimension)

Artwork Condition

This painting is in excellent condition. The old varnish was recently professionally removed and replaced.

Artwork Provenance

Valley House Gallery purchased this painting from Jean-Francois Chabolle Antiquites in Paris.

About this Piece

This beautiful and very highly detailed painting is most likely a Summer house on the northern coast of France. The house appears to still be under construction as a man walks past a vegetable garden on his way to add another pole to poll stack. In the landscape beyond, other more substantial buildings can be seen an there are three boats on the ocean defined horizon line at the center of the composition.

It is interesting that there would not be more information readily available on the author of such an authoritative and accomplished painting.

About the Artist

According to Benezit, the French dictionary of artists, there are three Charpentiers listed, Gaston, Georges, and George-Emile. The information on George and George-Emile is very similar so it is possible that it is actually a duplicate entry. George Emile Charpentier is listed as both a landscape and marine painter which is the most likely attribution.

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