D 0066

Listing No: 9798

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My Rooms

Offered By

Valley House Gallery

Dallas, TX

Valley House Gallery

6616 Spring Valley Road

Dallas, TX 75254

[email protected]

Please have the item listing number on hand when you call. This artwork's listing number is: 9798

Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Pancho Luna (1957-)
D 0066
Date of Work:
circa 2008
Signature Notes:
at center
Where Produced:
Miami, Florida, FL, USA

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
on Canvas

Artwork Size & Weight

60 x 48 in.
Size Notes:
Primary Artwork Size is full canvas size.

Artwork Condition


Artwork Provenance

John Dowdall
Directly from the John Dowdall collection.

About this Piece

Regarding the exhibition this painting was in, Luna says, "The name of the show is HOME. As opposed to my previous works of interiors, in the current work, people are not present, but their intimate spaces, their things [are]. With a palette of grays, blacks, whites and orange, in addition to the textures of the collage, I depict different situations of the home: bedrooms, closets, bookshelves, sofas etc. In many of the paintings there is an orange cable that metaphorically unites them."

About the Artist

In his artist's statement, Luna says, "I use diverse materials: acrylic, collage, resin, and Plexiglas on canvas. [My] paintings make reference to design and architecture catalogues or magazines, but they are more personal, as if looking by chance into private living spaces."

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