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My Rooms

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Valley House Gallery

Dallas, TX

Valley House Gallery

6616 Spring Valley Road

Dallas, TX 75254


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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Chris Jagers (1978-)
Date of Work:
Signature Notes:
at lower right
Where Produced:
Dallas, Texas, TX, USA
Framed - Float

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
on Canvas

Artwork Size & Weight

40 x 60 in.

Artwork Surface


Artwork Condition


Artwork Provenance

John Dowdall
From the John Dowdall collection.

About this Piece

As a young artist, most of Jagers' work focused on his interest in exploring the figure in ambiguous environments that caused the viewer to question what was actually going on in the painting. In this painting, the focus is more on the bed than the mysterious shape upon it. The black shape is covered with a blanket that helps to define the form but the viewer is left questioning if the form is human of something else.

About the Artist

In the fall of 2000, Jagers had this to say about his work:

"To grow up during a time when the production of art is seemingly standardless has left artists of my generation to cope with unparalleled freedom and the interesting problem of having to choose an illusion in the face of nothing. Despite this freedom, I have refused to be cavalier about committing myself to some sleek slogan. However, I am finally realizing that the concept of “illusion” itself is a good starting point. I enjoy engineering photo-realistic effects that simulate reality because it is a nonverbal way of thinking about my surroundings. This allows for horizontal shifts in thinking, that are not bound by logic, which serve to better apprehend the mysterious valences of phenomenal reality and the metaphor it elicits.

How to choose the matter of this subject is a constant dilemma for me. While I continue to walk around with my digital camera, arresting anything that might have poetic resonance, the narratives that I produce are still disparate and incongruent. While this fragmentation might be interesting to some, my goal is to eventually discover some hidden webs of connection between my images that will conflate into a more singular insight about the world and how I relate to it."

In 2001, Chris Jagers was one of the youngest artists ever to show work at Valley House Gallery. During his time spent in grad school, Jagers' style became more abstract, and he became increasingly interested in the relationship between technology and art. After finishing his MFA in 2003, Jagers went on to develop a groundbreaking software that updates the process by which students submit their portfolios to universities.

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