Mystical Circus

Listing No: 8288

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Valley House Gallery

Dallas, TX

Valley House Gallery

6616 Spring Valley Road

Dallas, TX 75254


Please have the item listing number on hand when you call. This artwork's listing number is: 8288

Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Otis Huband (1933-)
Mystical Circus
Date of Work:
"Otis" at lower right
Where Produced:
Houston, Texas

Artwork Medium

on Canvas

Artwork Size & Weight

70 x 40 in.
Outer Dimensions:

Artwork Condition

Recto: The Painting is in very good condition. Verso: The canvas has spotty age-related areas of discoloration overall.

Artwork Provenance

This artwork came directly from the artist.

About this Piece

About the Artist

Artist Statement

I am an artist who works from the inside out rather than from the outside in. I do not try to duplicate reality, but to interpret what I see and create a separate, new and personal reality.

Both subject and style of my work evolve from the manipulation of the materials from which it is made and is subject to radical changes throughout its evolution.

A painting is begun with no prior plans or ideas but rather to find out what will reveal itself once I am involved with it.

I believe in the physical uniqueness of a work of art as separate from what it represents, if anything. In my opinion a painting of an apple should not look like an apple but like a painting of an apple. Thereby insisting on the painting being a separate reality and not a reproduction or copy.

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