Thinking Man

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Valley House Gallery

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Valley House Gallery

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Nicholas Hiltner (1982-)
Thinking Man
Date of Work:
"N. HILTNER '07" at upper right

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
on Canvas

Artwork Size & Weight

18 x 15 in.
Outer Dimensions:

Artwork Condition


Artwork Provenance

The Artist John Pence Gallery, San Francisco Private Collection, Dallas

About this Piece

About the Artist

Hiltner has exhibited his work in galleries across the country, and has participated in over a dozen group exhibitions with the John Pence Gallery. In 2010 Hiltner was chosen as the John Pence Gallery's Introductions Artist and had a successful solo exhibition. Hiltner is an instructor at the Grand Central Academy of Art, the Water Street Atelier, and was a co-founder of the Hudson River Fellowship. He lives and works in New York City.

A mature, masterful approach belies his young age, and has earned him distinction and praise from collectors and fellow artists. Hiltner has focused his energies on intimately composed landscapes, figures, and still lifes, all done faithfully from life. His palette is earthy, subdued, and accurate. His brushwork is both restrained and deliberate, and impeccable draftsmanship is on full display in his graphite drawings.

Several of his works portray the isolated forests found on the East Coast of the United States, and several more the mountainous splendor of the Alps. His travels to Russia, Scotland, and Switzerland, to name a few foreign lands, are becoming legendary. Meditative streams, the wild tapestry of forest vegetation, and moss-covered stones are brought to life in paint with careful consideration. Equally impressive are Hiltner's figures. Some are set within a landscape, adding an element of drama to the contemplative scene. In his still life work, Hiltner pursues a variety of subjects: a stack of well-worn piano books, an antique dueling pistol, and a clove of garlic. All are treated with the utmost care and nuance, and indicate an artist bursting with confidence, talent, and boundless potential.

Source taken from John Pence Gallery.

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