Deep Night

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Flatbed Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Austin, TX

Flatbed Center for Contemporary Printmaking

3701 Drossett Drive, Ste 190

Austin, TX 78744


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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Joan Winter (1947-)
Deep Night
Date of Work:
Signature Notes:
"J Winter"
Where Produced:
Austin, Texas TX

Artwork Medium

Fine Print
Sub Type:
Aquatint Etching
on Paper
Medium Notes:
Copper aquatint plate. Image printed onto Rives BFK paper


Edition Size:
Number Available:

Artwork Size & Weight

43 x 25 in. (Paper Size)
37.75 x 20 in. (Plate Size )

Artwork Surface

Surface Reflectivity:
Even - Matte

Artwork Condition


Artwork Provenance

Flatbed Press
Flatbed Press

About this Piece

Sold singly but available and works well with the suite of four showing different states of the light. Joan Winter writes:
Deep Series, 2018
Joan Winter

My interest in light, color and time overlap in the Deep print series. Recently on a bright summer day, I photographed a series of waterfalls at the Water Gardens in Ft. Worth, an “oasis in the city” designed by the renowned architect, Philip Johnson. I was drawn to the energy of the rushing water and reflections of light patterns on the surface of the water. I am currently working on a series of drawings of delicate elusive cloud formations at different times of day. The similarities of the waterfall photos and my abstract drawings of cloud formations were surprising.

I used an experimental aquatint process to create the copper plate for the etching series, Deep, referencing both the waterfall images and cloud drawings. To make the series of four prints, I developed several unique ink colors, investigating the subtle shifts in color caused by sunlight conditions at different times of day. The Deep series prints are part of my recent body of work, Edge of Light.

Deep Series, 2018
Aquatint on BFK paper
Edition of 7
Co-published at Flatbed Press, Austin

About the Artist

American sculptor and printmaker Joan Winter received her MFA from Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of Arts in 1993. She previously worked in the field of space planning and design for several major architectural firms in Texas and Louisiana. Winter now lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

Winter's work is influenced by contemporary Japanese architecture, especially spaces emphasizing light and transparency as primary elements. Areas of investigation include ideas of light as the inner source of form and concepts of time relative to memory, physical changes and movement in space. Her subtle reductive use of materials, including light natural woods, translucent cast resin, and handmade paper, reveals forms of physical lightness and ethereal presence.

“Art, for me, is still and silent, both physical and emotional, and lives by companionship and contemplation. Uniting all of my work is the desire to reveal the essential and timeless nature of form. I am searching for ethereal qualities concealed between the layers of the visible and invisible, between light and shadow.” ……Joan Winter

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    NOW: $7,716.38
  • 2018
    edition of 7
    Aquatint Etching on Paper
    43 x 25 in.
    Listing no. 7899
    NOW: $2,137.50

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