Father O and St. Obe's Mother

Listing No: 7522

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Lee Baxter Davis (1939-)
Father O and St. Obe's Mother
Date of Work:
"Lee B. Davis" at lower left
Where Produced:
Texas, USA

Artwork Medium

on Paper
Medium Notes:
watercolor, ink, and pencil on Fabriano paper

Artwork Size & Weight

21 x 20 in. (Paper Size)

Artwork Condition

Recto: Overall image area in excellent condition. Pinholes at top corners. Paper thinned with removal of three hinges at upper left, upper center, and upper right. Verso: Slight modeling from materials transfer.

Artwork Provenance

This artwork comes directly from the Artist.

About this Piece

After receiving his master’s degree from Cranbrook Academy, Lee Baster Davis went on to teach printmaking and drawing at East Texas State University in Commerce Texas for over 30 years. Now retired from teaching, he is in his studio most every day, continuing to create the meticulously crafted, highly detailed, visionary narrative drawings and collages in ink and watercolor that he is best known for.

Throughout his artistic career, Davis promoted the idea of artistic self-confidence and determination, to hold firm to one’s artistic integrity and to not be diverted or swayed by the artworld’s cutting edge trends unless that is truly were you wanted to go. Evidence of his resolve can be seen in the selection of works on paper available here that range from two works drawn in 1965 when he was a student at Cranbrook to 2001, a work executed just three years before he retired from teaching.

From these works, it appears that 1985 was a very important year in the development of Baxter’s art. Up until then, he seems to have been searching for a personal methodology and a distinctive voice. And that was the year he appears to have found both, enabling him to explore his long-term artistic vision, a quest that continues today.

About the Artist

A legend in the classroom, Lee Baxter Davis taught fine art graphics at East Texas State University (now Texas A & M Commerce) for over thirty years and was chairman of printmaking. His talents and teachings inspired generations of artists throughout the U.S. This group show is the companion to his retrospective and features art by Mr. Davis’s former students, from the original “Lizard Cult” artists of the 1970s through students he inspired until his retirement in 2004. Mr. Davis’s artistic progeny have since inspired others; works by artists taught by Mr. Davis’s students reveal his indelible impact and will also be exhibited. Participating artists include Steven Barker, Mark Burt, JooYoung Choi, Thomas Clark, Georganne Deen, Steve Fuqua, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Ric Heitzman, Lawrence Lee, Greg Metz, Jeffrey Miranda, Robyn O’Neil, Gary Panter, Leslie Pippen, Christian Schumann, Katherine Taylor, and Joachim West.

A tribute to Lee Baxter Davis written by Robyn O’Neil, to highlight the exhibition:

Meadow Museum of Art
Centenary College of Louisiana
February 11 – April 29, 2017

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