Park Avenue Street Vendor

Listing No: 733

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Please have the item listing number on hand when you call. This artwork's listing number is: 733

Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
John Albok (1894-1982)
Park Avenue Street Vendor
Date of Work:
Alternate Title:
102 Street Park Avenue, New York City
Signed in ink on mount at low right.
Signature Notes:
Artist stamp on verso
Where Produced:
New York City, NY, USA

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
Gelatin Silver
on Paper
Medium Notes:
Vintage print.

Artwork Size & Weight

11 x 9 in. (Sight Size)
9.25 x 7.5 in. (Image Size)
Outer Dimensions:
17 x 14 in.
Size Notes:
The photograph is dry mounted by the Artist on a vintage utility board measuring 17 x 14 inches. The photograph is not affixed squarely on the mount board. Due to this irregular mounting by the Artist i would suggest an over-mat measuring approximately 20 x 16 inches.

Artwork Surface

Surface Reflectivity:
Even - Matte

Artwork Condition

There is minor "silvering-out" apparent in upper margin of the print, and some edge chipping at the bottom edge. Otherwise, for a photograph of this age it is in fine condition.

Artwork Provenance

Andy and Beckie Reisberg
We acquired this photograph directly from the Artist' daughter, who was the heir and executor of her Father's estate.

About this Piece

The struggle for a livelihood was all too familiar for John Albok, and this portrait speaks volumes of the human condition in 1938.
Albok recorded his subjects, unaware of his presence, with compassion and objectivity. The image speaks for itself.

About the Artist

John Albok, a Hungarian immigrant, maintained a livelihood as a master tailor on Madison Avenue in New York City for nearly sixty years while pursuing avocations of photography, cinematography, music and painting. In his lifetime, Albok created over 16,000 photographs in the confines of his tailor shop, and was the subject of hundreds of reviews, tributes publications and awards.

John Albok was a self-taught photographer and print maker whose prolific career spanned the years of the Depression through the recovery years of the Roosevelt administration. Albok’s mastery of photography was his ability to capture on film the character and feeling of a place, the essence of a moment, and the dignity and humility of a person no matter how impoverished or downtrodden. He is acknowledged as a preeminent chronicler of his time, and his work is found in the permanent collections of major museums worldwide.


"I carry a camera on every off moment. The people of the city, young or old, rich or poor, are my subjects. The flowers, the trees, the ever-changing beauties that dwell in the sky, lovers in the park… the dream of my childhood. My images of the people are unaffected, many times laced with a tragic sense of life that speaks for itself. I like the freedom of selecting my subject matter at will and then to create them in the manner of the artist. Living life is a great art. The more we cultivate it, the better it will be for ourselves and our children." John Albok, 1979

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