Portrait of a Man

Listing No: 6212

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Valley House Gallery

Dallas, TX

Valley House Gallery

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
René Auguste Flandrin (1804-1842)
Portrait of a Man
Date of Work:
"A. Flandrin 1834" at left center
Where Produced:
Leon, France, French
Framed - Trap

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
on Canvas

Artwork Size & Weight

31.5 x 26 in.
Outer Dimensions:

Artwork Condition

This painting is in good condition for its age. There are areas with extensive craquelure and age related traction cracking. It appears that there is no paint loss related to these issues.

Artwork Provenance

Valley House Gallery purchased this painting from Galerie Jacques Fischer in Paris, France.

About this Piece

This beautifully painted full length portrait was most likely commissioned by a young gentleman who wanted a memento of his travels while taking "The Tour," a right of passage for many a young gentleman at the time. The landscape feels Italianate and the young man appears to be showing an attitude of nonchalance as he stands at ease with his coat, hat, and walking stick thrown over a rock to his right. He is proving his long journey by the dust caked on the front of his shoes and the distant valley and mountainous terrain that extends far beyond to his left.

About the Artist

Auguste Flandrin is the brother of the painters Paul and Hippolyte Flandrin. He was based in Lyon and exhibited in both the Lyon and Paris Salons. There are two of his drawings in the collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Although there is not much known about René, he was respected enough as a painter by his peers to warrant a posthumous tribute exhibition of his work in the Paris Salon of 1843.

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