Campo dei Fiori

Listing No: 6211

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Valley House Gallery

Dallas, TX

Valley House Gallery

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Jeri Ledbetter
Campo dei Fiori
Date of Work:
Jeri Ledbetter '10
Signature Notes:
at lower right
Where Produced:

Artwork Medium

on Masonite Panel

Artwork Size & Weight

42 x 48 in.
Size Notes:
Primary Artwork Size is the full canvas size.

Artwork Condition

Very good.

Artwork Provenance

John Dowdall
Directly from the John Dowdall collection.

About this Piece

In her artist's statment, Ledbetter says, "The contrast of, and interplay between industry and nature are of great interest to me as an artist. When working, I cast about for the accidental, for surprises." Rather than paint a realistic landscape or figure, Ledbetter "let[s] the paint and pencil, instruments cast from natural objects by industry, paint the surface, much like wind and water toil against the works of man, i.e., by slow erosion, accretion and erasure."

About the Artist

In her artist's statement, Ledbetter says, "Living on the Mississippi River, I find nature's oddities compelling and inspiring. I see man-made structures, a fence, a barge, the cobble stones, all striving for survival with water, wind, vines, and time. I let the involuntary or free hand not be unduly controlled by my plan or scheme, allowing for the blessing of the unexpected line or stroke. In sum, what I do is like digging for clams on the seashore. When it works and I hear the rattle of the shells in my bucket, I smile."

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  • circa 1989
    Mixed-Media on Canvas
    40 x 36 in.
    Listing no. 6038
    NOW: $3,700.04
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