Fitted Cubbards

Listing No: 6059

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Valley House Gallery

Dallas, TX

Valley House Gallery

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Artwork Info

FAE Listing No:
Laurie Lipton (1953-)
Fitted Cubbards
Date of Work:
"L Lipton '85" at lower right
Matted and Framed with Glazing

Artwork Medium

Sub Type:
Line Drawing
on Paper

Artwork Size & Weight

22 x 32 in.
Outer Dimensions:

Artwork Condition


Artwork Provenance

Acquired from the artist's brother.

About this Piece

As with most of Lipton's work, this drawing is exquisitely rendered and filled with layers of psychological meaning.

About the Artist

If one described Laurie Lipton as anachronistic, they would be dead wrong. It is true that she draws with a pencil, a medium that seems to be discouraged by art schools in the mid-2010’s. It is true that her self-taught working method, building form by applying layer after layer of graphite marks, is modeled on techniques developed by the Flemish Renaissance masters. It is also true that her approach to subject is akin to artists who transcribe their vision of the world differently than their peers, like Bosh, Bruegel, Klinger, and Ensor. Laurie Lipton has, like most artists, leaned from the past but her work is very much about the psychological issues we deal with today. Like these other artists, Lipton’s subjects and approach reflect the time in which they live. And like other Maximalists who have chosen drawing as a medium often spending many weeks on a single work, Lipton is self-effacing on the outside, but fiercely confident on the inside, focused on what she is driven to do, not what that artworld expects.

Lipton was born in New York (1953) and began drawing at the age of four. As a teenager, she saw an exhibition of black and white photographs by Diane Arbus. She saw in Arbus’ a kindred spirit, an artist who was similarly interested in using her ability to capture the psychological aspects of humans dealing with the inner worlds they create. She also saw that Arbas’ choice to use black and white film rather than color made her images visually much more powerful and intense. According to Lipton’s brother, when she attended art classes at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania, the art department was so impressed with her vision and drawing ability, they created a special degree plan for her, so she was the first student there to receive a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing. Since graduating, Lipton has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France and, even though she said she would never live there, London since 1986. Although her work is not for everybody, she has had a strong following of devoted fans who recognize her exceptional skill and talent. She has had many exhibitions in both Europe and the United States and is currently both living and continuing to create fantastic drawings in West Hollywood, California.

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