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Cox, Merle

American, Born 1910
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About this Artist

Merle Cox was born in Port Arthur in 1910. The existing information on Cox is sparse and what little is known was obtained through surviving family members. Cox graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur in 1927.

Maudee Carron was her enthusiastic, well-educated and close artist friend whose influence is evident in Cox’s work Untitled (Caricatures). Her grandson remembers the friendship as "family" in nature. He also recalls his grandmother painting constantly and happily "from her imagination" during the early to mid 1960s. She and her brother traveled to Mexico to bring back frames for her paintings.

The earliest documented show was a two-person exhibition with Hazel O'Neil in 1949. She exhibited in the early 1960s in New Orleans, San Antonio and the Beaumont / Port Arthur area. A description taken from a newspaper article of the time is apt, describing her work as both "naive and expressive".


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